Covendis Contract

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Glenforest Consulting services available to State of Georgia and City of Atlanta clients

The Covendis Contract

“Does your agency purchase consulting services from the Georgia Covendis contract?”

This is a cooperative contract that allows agencies and entities in the State of Georgia that are interested in engaging IT Staffing Services access to the Covendis Managed Service Provider program and the Covendis Vendor Management Solution. Any public agency, public institution of higher education, public school, and other public entity authorized by the State of Georgia Department of Administration may use the contract under this award. Once a Contract Addendum is signed with an Agency or entity, clients may begin to place orders within Covendis Services.

Glenforest Consulting

Our organization is included as a service provider on the Covendis contract. State of Georgia clients that engage Covendis for services can procure exceptional consulting talent provided by Glenforest Consulting.

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