OCM Contract

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Glenforest Consulting one of five vendors on GTA Organizational Change Management contract available to all State of Georgia Agencies to purchase OCM services

Organizational Change Management

To meet the requirements of the State of Georgia (SOG) Accountability, Change Management and Process Improvement Act of 2015, GTA works with agencies to ensure they have access to qualified resources to assist with OCM activities for large technology investments. The state has standardized on the Prosci methodology to provide agencies with a consistent approach and because it is in compliance with the requirements established in the law.

Glenforest Consulting

Glenforest Consulting is included as a service provider on the GTA OCM contract. State of Georgia organizations can procure OCM services through GTA to access exceptional Change Management, Culture, and Organization Design services provided by Glenforest Consulting.

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